Listen to Serj Tankian’s new composition collection ‘Cool Gardens’

The new release teams the compositions with selections of the System Of A Down frontman's poetry

Serj Tankian has released a new collection of cinematic compositions and poetry – listen to ‘Cool Gardens Poetry Suite’ below.

The collection from the System Of A Down frontman, which was previewed last month by the 24-minute composition ‘Disarming Time’, features four tracks, including spoken-word sections taken from Tankian’s recent poetry book, Cool Gardens.

“‘Cool Gardens Poetry Suite’ animates the book to where the words come off the page and dance into the auditory canals of listeners sweetened by intimate musical landscapes,” Tankian said of the new collection in a statement.


Listen to ‘Cool Gardens Poetry Suite’ below:

The new suite follow’s Tankian’s five-track solo EP ‘Elasticity’, released back in March. Speaking to NME in a recent interview around the release of the EP, Tankian spoke of how the release teams the personal with the political.

“I don’t just write about one topic,” he said. “Whether it’s through my solo work or with System, that’s always been the case. You’ve got funny stuff, stream of consciousness stuff and then socio-political songs that are as serious as a heart attack – sometimes it’s all within the same song. It’s just the way that I work.

“At one point I can tell someone I love them, the next I’m angry at some injustice. It all works together in the same moment for me.”

Watch the full interview below.


Tankian also recently spoke about why his recent solo music wouldn’t have fitted System Of A Down. “Theoretically and philosophically, we couldn’t see eye to eye on a way forward, mostly creatively,” he explained.

The iconic metal band shared their first new songs in 15 years last year with ‘Protect The Land’ and ‘Genocidal Humanoidz’, which were released to raise awareness of the ongoing conflict in Artsakh.