Inch releases wistful new single, ‘Trees’, from upcoming two-part EP

A song about “finding comfort in nature surrounding us”

Singaporean musician Inch has released ‘Trees’, her newest single. It follows last month’s ‘Do I, Do I’, and sees Inch return back to her acoustic-driven roots.

‘Trees’ was inspired by her experience during Singapore’s lockdown. It’s about “finding comfort in nature surrounding us”, its press release reveals. Both ‘Trees’ and ‘Do I, Do I’ arrive ahead of Inch’s upcoming two-part EP, ‘Childish’.

‘Trees’ begins with a downcast acoustic arrangement before infusing fuzzy indie rock guitars and a shapeshifting trip-hop beat. “Trees that walk at will / They don’t remember / what it’s like to feel / They don’t remember / what is right or real,” she sings in its chorus.


Inch is set to release a Mandarin version of the track on Friday (August 20). Listen to the English version of ‘Trees’ below.

“During the lockdown period, many including myself, found ourselves constantly surrounded by four walls and the inescapable confrontation of my own thoughts,” Inch said in a press statement.

“I often catch myself staring out my window, fixating on the energy of nature; the clouds shape-shifting, how the sun kisses buildings, and how the trees seem to dance at the will of the winds.”

“Staring long enough, these trees would start to walk, lumbering around rootless and homeless. I felt a lonely comfort in this daydream and a little less depressed in my confinement.”

‘Trees’ was originally unveiled in a Sofar Singapore segment in 2018. Inch debuted the track with a solo acoustic arrangement, which she teased as a precursor to a recording with a 50-piece orchestra in Budapest. Watch the performance below.


Inch tells NME that the aforementioned recording, which had since been mixed and mastered, is now shelved indefinitely. “During the lockdown, I kinda revised this peaceful loneliness and wanted to breathe new life to the song,” she said.

The first half of her EP ‘Childish’ is scheduled to release in the fourth quarter of this year, while part two is slated to arrive sometime in 2022.