Listen to Sunset Rollercoaster’s delightful new single, ‘Coffee’s On Me’

Produced by Alex Zhang Hungtai, formerly known as Dirty Beaches

Taiwanese rock band Sunset Rollercoaster have released a new single, ‘Coffee’s On Me’.

The single marks their newest material this year, following their nostalgic cover of Andy Lau’s ‘忘情水’ last week.

‘Coffee’s On Me’ evokes sun-kissed beaches and palm trees, its lyrics following a man pining after an object of affection for a single coffee date.


The song features all the hallmarks of the band’s past work: soaring synths, frontman Kuo’s soulful croon, and a smooth saxophone solo to top it off. The single was co-produced with Taiwanese-Canadian artist Alex Zhang Hungtai, formerly known as Dirty Beaches.

I know / I’m in love / I just can’t take my eyes off you / So good / To be true / I’m glad to have this coffee with you,” Kuo sings in its chorus.

Listen to ‘Coffee’s On Me’ below.

‘Coffee’s On Me’ marks the band’s first collaboration with Zhang. Previously, Kuo worked with Zhang on a full-length collaborative project in 2020 which resulted in one album, ‘Longone’.

Last week, the band released ‘忘情水’, a cover of the song popularised by Andy Lau in 1994, as a tribute song on Father’s Day in Taiwan, which is observed in the country on August 8.


‘Coffee’s On Me’ also follows the band’s contributions to the soundtrack of anime series, Sonny Boy, which was released in July. In its soundtrack, the band recorded three songs: ‘Broken Windows’, ‘Seagull’, and ‘Let There Be Light Again’. While the soundtrack remains unavailable on streaming platforms, it was officially released on limited edition vinyl.