Listen to Syd Hartha’s soothing new folk-pop single, ‘kung nag-aatubili’

The song will feature on the Filipino singer-songwriter's upcoming EP, due out 2022

Filipino singer-songwriter Syd Hartha has released a new folk-pop single entitled ‘kung nag-aatibili’.

The single – which was uploaded onto all major streaming platforms today (October 28) – sees the young musician return to her roots of stripped-down folk-pop.

The song is driven largely by Syd Hartha’s calming vocals and a soft acoustic guitar arrangement. Listen to ‘kung nag-aatubili’ below.


‘kung nag-aatubili’, per a press release, sees Syd Hartha explore her attitude towards romantic relationships and letting her guard down when she’s getting to know someone new.

Hartha also revealed that she had written the song a long time ago, when she “feared the idea of getting to know me deeply and everything I’ve become”. Now, Hartha recognises that “these feelings are a by-product of the inner wounds, and my inability to move forward from the things that happened in the past”.

“This also serves as an important lesson to me, that when I decide to commit to love someone, I should love them for who they are now, and accept them for what they’ve been through,” she added.

‘kung nag-aatubili’ will feature on Syd Hartha’s upcoming five-track EP, expected for release during the first quarter of 2022.


‘kung nag-aatubili’ is the 19-year-old’s first solo release of 2021, following a collaboration with Tokimeki Records, and a recording of ‘Sana’y ‘Di Na Lang’ for Coke Studio.