Listen to Thai indie rockers Rosalyn’s debut album ‘Skin’

The COVID-19 pandemic led to the album's theme of ‘longing for touch’

Thai indie band Rosalyn have released their debut album ‘Skin’.

‘Skin’ was released today (August 11) on all streaming platforms, and was largely written during the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic – leading to the album’s theme of ‘longing for touch’. The 10-track LP also includes the track ‘Yellow Line’ featuring fellow NewEchoes labelmate Alec Orachi, as well as multiple tracks with producer Pokpong Jitdee of Plastic Plastic and Gym & Swim fame.

Listen to Rosalyn’s debut album ‘Skin’ below.


The band have also released a music video for the track ’20:37′ alongside the album. The music video, which was filmed in London, sees a girl wandering through the empty streets and train stations of the English city in what is presumably meant to provoke memories of the loneliness experienced during pandemic lockdowns.

The band also noted the track as a highlight of the album in statement, sharing that it was “inspired by a nostalgic feeling when finding oneself repeatedly looking at the clock and seeing the same numbers”.

Watch the music video for ’20:37′ below.

Rosalyn’s debut album was preceded by the album’s first single, ‘Spin’, which was released earlier this year in March. ‘Spin’ touches upon the negative effects that a toxic relationship has on a person, with lyrics like “What’s the matter with you / Your insecurity is driving me insane,” exploring the mindset of someone who is caught in such a relationship.


The band made their debut in 2019 with the singles, ‘LoverFriend’ and ‘Roxy’, followed by 2020’s ‘Solitude Is Love’ and ‘Desire’. Last year’s singles ‘The Deja Vu’ and ‘Vanish’ also appear on ‘Skin’.