Listen to Thai-Italian singer Valentina Ploy’s lovelorn new single ‘Camera Roll’

"I imagined breaking up with someone and then I wrote the feeling out"

Thai-Italian singer-songwriter Valentina Ploy has dropped a lovelorn single titled ‘Camera Roll’.

The Bangkok-based artist’s latest song was shared on streaming services via Warner and independent Thai imprint What The Duck on Thursday (July 21), with an accompanying lyric video on YouTube.

The 28-year-old Ploy announced the release of ‘Camera Roll’ on Instagram, saying the mellow and acoustic guitar-driven ballad was a “special” song to her.


Watch the lyric video for ‘Camera Roll’ below.

In the caption of the post, Ploy indicated that she drew inspiration from looking at old films and pictures of her and another person, and realising that those stills would be “forever frozen in time” in her camera roll.

“I imagined breaking up with someone and then I wrote the feeling out,” Ploy noted. “This thought kinda gave me comfort in my worrying mind for a moment.”

She also left some parting advice to her fans about the song, saying “If you’ve lost a loved one: I hope it gives you some comfort in knowing that memories are forever and nobody can take them away from you.”


Ploy’s latest single comes a month after she released the song ‘Berlin’ in early June.

‘Berlin’, which is an upbeat jam that touched on challenges in overcoming personal obstacles in relationships, also came with a music video of her dancing in a park with a crew of supporting dancers.

In April, Ploy launched the single ‘Bla Bli Blu’, marking her debut as a Warner Music artist, as part of a strategic alliance with What The Duck.

Ploy – who was born in the southern part of Italy to an Italian father and Thai mother – first appeared on The Voice Thailand in 2017, and released her first single ‘See You In Life’ in 2019. She also launched her debut EP ‘Satellite’ in June 2020.