Listen to The Brandals’ energetic new single, ‘Preambule’

Taken from their upcoming album, out in December

Indonesian garage rock outfit The Brandals’ latest single, ‘Preambule’ has been released.

The song arrived on streaming platforms on Wednesday, November 10. The track backs frontman Eka Annash’s signature vocals with a punchy arrangement, fuzzy guitar riffs and solos, and a thick bassline.

Listen to The Brandals’ ‘Preambule’ below.


‘Preambule’ will serve as the opening track of The Brandals’ upcoming album due for release in mid-December. A firm release date for the record has yet to be announced.

The forthcoming album will feature the band’s two previous singles, ‘Belum Padam’, which dropped in March, and ‘The Truth Is Coming Out’, which was released in October 2020.

The band marked ‘Belum Padam’s release with a virtual showcase featuring guests including Ardhito Pramono, Jason Ranti, Rey Marshall, Tanya Ditaputri and more.


‘Preambule’ is the second track that the Brandals have released since the departure of their founding guitarist Tony Dwi Setiaji in December 2020. The band have since carried on as a four-piece.

The Brandals last released an album, ‘DGNR8’, in 2011 before going on hiatus in 2014. In November 2015, founding drummer Rully passed away, and was replaced by Firman the following year. The band returned with their first new material in 2018 with the single ‘Retorika’.

In June this year, Brandals frontman Eka Annash collaborated with BAPAK.’s Kareem Soenharjo for a special noise rock project for a Boiler Room livestream. It doubled as a fundraiser and a celebration of the Asian community in the face of anti-Asian racism.