Listen to The Brandals’ fiery new single ‘Belum Padam’

The Indonesian garage rockers have dropped their first song since the departure of founding guitarist Tony Dwi Setiaji

Indonesian garage rock band The Brandals have dropped their new single ‘Belum Padam’ (‘The Fire Is Not Out’).

The lyric video for their latest track arrived on YouTube on Sunday evening (March 21). In a recent interview with NME, Brandals frontman Eka Annash called the single a middle finger to naysayers who feel the band are past their prime.

On Facebook, the band said the song’s release on the streaming services has met an unexpected delay. Though they said it will be available to stream “very soon”, they did not confirm a date.


Watch the lyric video for ‘Belum Padam’ below:

‘Belum Padam’ is the follow-up to The Brandals’ English-language single ‘The Truth Is Coming Out’, which dropped in October. Both tracks arrive ahead of the Jakarta-based group’s upcoming fifth album, their first full-length release in over a decade.

Frontman Eka Annash recently told NME that the Brandals are “80 to 90 percent” done with 10 songs for the record. While new album cuts such as ‘Preambule’ and ‘Kafir’ sound like classic Brandals, while ‘Back Pages’ and ‘Into Madness’ incorporate soul and funk.

“It is both the representation and culmination of The Brandals’ long musical journey so far,” Eka told NME of the album. “On this new album, we use additional instruments that we’ve never used before to add flourishes to the songs.”

‘Belum Padam’ is also the first Brandals release the departure of founding guitarist Tony Dwi Setiaji in December. The band are currently a four-piece outfit consisting of Eka, PM Mulyadi (guitar), Raditya Syaharzam (bass), and Firman Zaenudin (drums).


The Brandals’ fourth and last album ‘DGNR8’ was released in 2011. The band went on a hiatus three years later. The band’s founding drummer Rully, who is Eka’s biological brother, passed away in 2015. He was replaced by Firman the year after.