The Panturas pay homage to retro vampire films in ‘Tafsir Mistik’ music video

The campy music video sees a vampire go on a rampage

Indonesian surf rock band The Panturas have released a gory and campy new music video for their latest single, ‘Tafsir Mistik’.

The song, whose title loosely translates as ‘Mystical Interpretation’, arrived on streaming services on Friday (March 5). ‘Tasfir Mistik’ comes in the lead-up to the band’s second full-length album, expected in mid-2021.

The music video, which released on Friday (March 12), sees the band pay homage to classic vampire films like Nosferatu and Isle Of The Dead. The video for ‘Tasfir Mistik’ starts off with a party as The Panturas play their instruments in the background.


A lady takes a drink and engages in conversation, but is swiftly exposed as a vampire. Backed into a corner and threatened, she goes on a rampage and kills anyone who stands in her way, all while the band keeps playing.

The music video, per a press release, is also a nod to old Indonesian folklore tales of a female vampire attacking a Priangan settlement in the post-war era of Indonesian independence.

Watch the video for ‘Tafsir Mistik’ below.

The band notes ‘Tafsir Mistik’ as a deliberate departure from their 2020 single ‘Balada Semburan Naga’ (‘Dragon Burst Ballad’). Where that song explored the sounds of the traditional Indonesian Gambang Kromong orchestra, the slow-burning ‘Tafsir Mistik’ features accordions and even flavours of Balkan music.

Vocalist and guitarist Abyan Zaki Nabilio (also known as Acin) said he was inspired by the works of Django Reinhardt, the prominent French guitar player active during the World War II era.


On the theme of the lyrics, Acin said the song touches on social problems, especially with the emergence of “thinkers” of the social media era “who feel their idealisms are supreme without looking into cultural relativism. On whatever considered to be ‘true’ or ‘false’, depended on one’s lenses, and is not absolute”.

He added, “Instead of judging, it is better for us to appreciate the process by which they reach the understanding of the said ‘right or wrong’.”

Apart from Acin, the Bandung-based band also consists of bassist Bagus “Gogon” Patria, guitarist Rizal Taufiz and drummer Surya Fikri Asshidiq.

Formed in 2015, The Panturas released their debut album ‘Mabuk Laut’ (‘Sea Sick’) in 2018, followed by the singles ‘Putra Petir’ (‘Thunder Prince’) in 2019 and ‘Gelora’ (‘Surge’) featuring rock band .Feast, the same year.

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