Listen to Ysanygo’s bright new single ‘Glow’

The Filipino sibling duo’s second release of the year

Filipino indie duo Ysanygo have released a summery new single, ‘Glow’.

The track, released on Monday (October 11), sees the sibling duo of Ysabel and Yñigo Ferráz trade hushed vocals against a bright mix of electric guitar licks, soft keys, and acoustic percussion.

Listen to ‘Glow’ below.


‘Glow’ touches on finding comfort and support from a loved one, with lyrics like “Whenever you’re near, there’s nothing left to fear / All I need is you right here beside me / And your voice I’d love to hear”.

While the duo wrote ‘Glow’ specifically for their mother as a Mother’s Day gift in 2018, they have said that it could apply to “anyone you’re grateful for”.

‘Glow’ serves as the siblings’ second release of the year, following ‘Why Don’t We Linger?’ in April. Both tracks feature production from Nicholas Lazaro.

It is currently unclear if both tracks are part of a larger upcoming project, or if they are standalone releases.

The ‘genre-fluid’ sibling duo made their debut in 2017 with their house single ‘Imprinted’, followed by a string of other singles like the R&B tracks ’Friday Afternoon Drive’ and ‘Fading To Black’ and funky ‘Even In An Alternate Universe’.


Last year, the duo released a reworked version of ‘Imprinted’, this time turning in a shorter electro pop tune that is in the early running for Best Pop Recording at the 34th Awit Awards in late November.