Listen to Zack Tabudlo’s “sad groovy” new single, ‘Hindi Ko Kaya’

It's a song "about letting go of the pride and ego after a breakup"

Filipino musician Zack Tabudlo has released a new single, ‘Hindi Ko Kaya’.

The song, released today (May 14) via Island Records Philippines, follows the March single ‘Binibini’, continuing a streak of heart-rending pop tunes.

“‘Hindi Ko Kaya’ is about letting go of the pride and ego after a breakup, realizing you still love her and di mo kaya mawala siya [you can’t afford to lose her],” Tabudlo explained in a tweet.


The song was released with a neon-tinged lyric video featuring an illustration of Tabudlo. Watch it below.

For the single’s release, Tabudlo appeared on the cover of Spotify’s ongoing New Music Friday playlist. The musician posted on Instagram to celebrate the occasion.

“Can’t believe im the cover of new music friday PH on Spotify 🙁 always dreamed of it, never thought it was possible,” he wrote. “Thank u sm for everything so far.” He also implored fans to “cry”, “dance” or “do crazy stuff” to ‘Hindi Ko Kaya’, which he calls a “sad groovy song”.

‘Hindo Ko Kaya’ is the fourth single from Tabudlo this year, previously issuing ‘Binibini’, ‘Elizabeth’, and ‘Iyong Iyo’. His notable single from 2020, ‘Nangangamba’, is set to feature in the upcoming sci-fi drama, Love vs Stars, which stars Filipino actors Miles Ocampo and Khalil Ramos.

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