Listen to Zamaera’s festive new single, ‘Oh Raya’

Released ahead of the upcoming Hari Raya holiday

Malaysian rapper Zamaera has released a festive new single, titled ‘Oh Raya’.

Released on streaming platforms on Friday (April 29), the track arrives ahead of the upcoming Hari Raya holiday. Over the course of the track, Zamaera takes several playful jabs at the awkward questions often asked during family gatherings: “Siapa belum kahwin / Berat badan naik tapi siapa kisah” (“Who is not married? / Weight gain, but who cares?”).

Listen to Zamaera’s ‘Oh Raya’ below.


In her lyrics, Zamaera also notes the importance of this year’s festive season after two years of lockdowns and Malaysia’s COVID-19 movement control order. She raps: “Sudah dua tahun belum balik kampung” (“It’s been two years since I returned to the village“) and “Tahun ini kita dapat berjumpa” (“This year we can meet“).

‘Oh Raya’ serves as Zamaera’s first original song of the year. In January, her ‘Heart Break to Heal’ mixtape – which was first released in a physical format in December 2021 – was released digitally on streaming platforms.

In an interview with NME earlier this year, the Malaysian rapper shared that the mixtape was “a form of therapy”, adding that apart from serving as catharsis from her personal relationships, it also helped her with her self-confidence.

Zamaera revealed that felt an immense pressure to “be the ‘best female rapper’” when she first started in the scene. But she’s since moved onto a spirit of community rather than competition: “I’m at this point in my life where every woman in hip hop that I meet, I’m like, ‘Oh my god, go girl’, y’know? She’s a confidant. She’s someone I can resonate with. It’s a great feeling.”