Listen to Zamaera’s new remix of FORCEPARKBOIS’ ‘Lotus’

Following remixes featuring SonaOne, Fariz Jabba, Akeem Jahat and more

Malaysian rapper Zamaera has released a new remix of rap group FORCEPARKBOIS’ single, ‘Lotus’.

The remix premiered on YouTube on Saturday night, May 29. The track starts off with the hip-hop group’s original intro hook before Zamaera swoops in with a lengthy rap verse.

The verse sees Zamaera tackle a handful of topics ranging from her longevity in the Malaysian hip-hop scene to other rappers not giving her respect as “they can’t stand success unless it’s one of their own”.


Listen to Zamaera’s remix of ‘Lotus’ below.

Zamaera’s version of ‘Lotus’ is the third notable remix of the track since it was first released earlier this year. The first one was an ‘all star remix’ featuring SonaOne, Guccimith, and more.

The second rework featured an all-Singaporean crew of rappers that included the likes of Akeem Jahat, Fariz Jabba, OmarKENOBI, MIIKOTHE13TH, AE$OP CA$H, Frank Loco YHB Sleepsalot, singer-songwriter Khally and comedian Fakkah Fuzz.

Zamaera announced in late March that she is now an independent artist with new music on the way. She explained that she had gone through an 18-month ordeal with her previous record label, which left her unable to release new solo music since 2019.


Her most recent release comes in the form of a December 2020 collaboration with Singaporean rapper THELIONCITYBOY and Malaysian emcee Alan D titled ‘Buang Suay’.