Logic shares new single ‘Vaccine’

The rapper teases a third 'Bobby Tarantino' mixtape in the song

Logic has dropped his new single, ‘Vaccine’.

‘Vaccine’ is the latest in a series of releases as part of the rapper’s ongoing comeback after retiring from the music industry last year. He made his return earlier this month with the song ‘Intro’, just a day after he posted a brief statement on social media saying “I’m back”.

In the song, Logic raps about the strength of his comeback, and teases a third edition of his ‘Bobby Tarantino’ mixtape series: “Ready to fuck up the game / BT3 now we at it again, mane.” Hear the track below:


Earlier this week, graphic designer Juan Sierra, who goes by the alias JuansArts, shared details of how the cover art came to be, along with different iterations of the Kill Bill-esque design.

“POV: it’s Friday June 18th. You just got back to your friends house after 6 bottles of soju and way too much food. You’re ready to go into a food/alcohol coma when @logic texts you ‘vaccine’,” JuansArts wrote on Instagram.

He then went on to explain that Logic told him ‘Vaccine’ was the “next single” and that he needed a “HARD ASS FONT” for some merch, adding that the rapper wanted it “like tomorrow”.

“And with that descriptive direction, I started my task to get this done over night,” he continued. “I didn’t have a sketchbook on me so I started drawing on my tiny phone screen just to get ideas flowing (slide 2)

“My homie @zethl.3d was kind enough to let me borrow his sketchbook and I finally came down to something I sort of liked. I left a couple notes for a more sober version of myself. Somehow by Tuesday that week we all managed to make a song, cover, tshirts, hoodies, etc. Here we are 2 weeks later with a new single Vaccine this Friday.”


See JuansArts’ post below:

Last week, Logic released a new compilation album called ‘The YS Collection’, which compiles songs from across his ‘Young Sinatra’ series. The series consists of the mixtapes ‘Young Sinatra’ (2011), ‘Young Sinatra: Undeniable’ (2012), ‘Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever’ (2013), and the studio album ‘YSIV’ (2018).

Despite announcing his retirement in July of last year, Logic produced a string of releases over the past few months.

He shared a beat tape in September of last year and teamed up with Madlib to form a new duo MadGic, releasing new tracks ‘Mars Only Pt. 3’ and ‘Raddest Dad’ in April and May of this year respectively.

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