LOIR grieves the past on emotional new single, ‘Anino Ng Kahapon’

It’s the Filipino singer’s second release

Filipino R&B singer LOIR has released her second single, ‘Anino Ng Kahapon’.

Released on Sunday (September 19) on all major streaming platforms, the piano-driven track is about grieving the past, LOIR questioning how the shadows of yesterday can consume a person’s being.

She sings, “Kailan kaya makakamtan muli / ‘Yung kasiyahan na minsang naging sakin?”, or “When will I feel again / The happiness that was once mine?


Listen to LOIR’s new song here:

‘Anino Ng Kahapon’ is LOIR’s second single, following her debut track ‘Sakay’ released in August. The artist worked with HavoMusic and Goodson, who produced both songs.

Both releases showcase her approach to songwriting, which the artist – real name Loir Jastine dela Llana – previously described in a statement as “confessional in nature”.

“I’ve always been particular in capturing the essence of the material by prioritising the message first before taking the delivery and aesthetic appeal into consideration,” she said. “I make sure to sing from the heart and interpret the message clearly, but without sacrificing my own music style.”

Before launching her career as an artist under Sony Music, LOIR had previously collaborated with big names in the local hip-hop scene. She lent her voice to rapper Gloc 9’s tracks ‘Sanib’ and ‘Oka’ as well as Guddhist Gunatita’s ‘Dalampasigan’, all released last February.