Lola Amour collaborate with Clara Benin on new single ‘Closer Than Before’

Taken from the Filipino indie outfit’s upcoming EP, ‘The Lunchtime Special’

Filipino indie outfit Lola Amour have released their collaboration with singer-songwriter Clara Benin, titled ‘Closer Than Before’.

The emotive track is the first single from their upcoming EP, ‘The Lunchtime Special’, which they recently announced. Listen to ‘Closer Than Before’ below.


The song is about “loving, losing, and then taking a chance to reconnect,” Lola Amour bassist Raymond King said in a statement.

He added that the song was partly written in high school, drawing inspiration from a “newly rekindled relationship” and then completed seven years later after the relationship had endured.

“Now, in retrospect, this song tries to show how one would take the chance and how they would interpret love and loss at different points in their lives,” King reflected.

A music video for ‘Closer Than Before’ is set to be released on November 21, which will stars the artists alongside musician Gabba Santiago.

‘The Lunchtime Special’ has been in the making for more than a year, the band previously revealed. It consists of three tracks, with the other two premiering early next year.


‘The Lunchtime Special’ will be the seven-piece group’s first release with new member David Yuhico, after keyboardist Martin Kim left for Korea in 2020. In June, the group released the single ‘Fallen’.

Benin, on the other hand, released an Indonesian version of her 2015 single ‘Tila’, titled ‘Suara Hati’, in August. She also signed to Sony’s new Southeast Asian label OFFMUTE earlier this year.