Lomba Sihir release alternate versions of song ‘Mungkin Takut Perubahan’ as new EP

“Through this song we were reimagining a phase where we’d want to run away from Jakarta the most"

Indonesian indie rock band Lomba Sihir have released a new EP collecting alternate versions of their song ‘Mungkin Takut Perubahan’ (‘Perhaps You’re Scared of Change’).

The release features the title track, originally released on their 2021 debut album ‘Selamat Datang di Ujung Dunia’, one of NME‘s 10 best Southeast Asian albums and EPs of 2021 so far.

The EP also features an acoustic and karaoke version, along with ‘Mungkin Takut Rebahan’ (‘Perhaps You’re Scared to Chill’), which the band calls in a press release a “lo-fi” version of ‘Mungkin Takut Perubahan’.


Stream the EP below.

Lomba Sihir announced the arrival of the EP on social media, telling fans to have fun listening to the release “while driving, walking or lying down”.

In a press release, the band said the song addresses the feeling of wanting to escape from Jakarta. “Through this song we were reimagining a phase where we’d want to run away from Jakarta the most. We know that sometimes this city can be cruel and inhumane to those who live in it yet we chose to survive due to how we would fear the changes to come,” explained guitarist/vocalist Rayhan Noor.

“As six youngsters who grew up around the Jakarta area, this song has a very special place in our heart, as the message tickles us as if it challenges us to be bold enough to get out of our comfort zone, just because we’ve gotten so used to the nooks and crannies of the city,” added vocalist Natasha Udu.


‘Mungkin Takut Rebahan’ is the fifth single from their debut album, after ‘Hati dan Paru-Paru’, ‘Apa Ada Asmara’, ‘Nirrrlaba’, and ‘Semua Orang Pernah Sakit Hati’.