Lomba Sihir to release debut album ‘Selamat Datang Di Ujung Dunia’ this week

Hear snippets of the songs 'Jalan Tikus', 'Cameo' and 'Selamat Datang' now

Indonesian band Lomba Sihir have announced that their debut album ‘Selamat Datang Di Ujung Dunia’ will be released this Friday (March 26). They’ve also revealed its tracklist – find that below.

The album will feature 12 tracks, including the singles ‘Apa Ada Asmara’ and ‘Hati dan Paru-Paru’, which were released in the last month alongside their music videos. See its cover art here:


The very last song on the tracklist of ‘Selamat Datang Di Ujung Dunia’ is ‘Tidak Ada Salju Di Sini, Pt. 6’ – the sixth in a series of songs begun in 2018 that depict the experience of Christmas as a Christian in Indonesia.

A few of those songs have featured Lomba Sihir member Baskara Putra under the name Hindia. In January, he released ‘Tidak Ada Salju di Sini, Pt. 7’ – a collaboration with the DJ Dipha Barus.

On Instagram, Lomba Sihir have also released snippets of a few as-yet unreleased tracks from ‘Selamat Datang Di Ujung Dunia’: ‘Jalan Tikus’, ‘Cameo’ and ‘Selamat Datang’. Preview those songs below:


Lomba Sihir comprises vocalist Baskara Putra – aka Hindia, who is also the frontman of .Feast – vocalist Natasha Udu, drummer Enricon Octaviano, vocalist and keyboardist Tristan Juliano, guitarist Rayhan Noor and bassist Wisnu Ikhsantama W.

The members of Lomba Sihir previously served as Baskara’s backing band, contributing to his 2019 Hindia album ‘Menari Dengan Bayangan’ and performing with him at live shows all over Indonesia.

Lomba Sihir eventually recorded original material together in the studio and announced their debut album in mid-February this year.

The tracklist for Lomba Sihir’s debut album ‘Selamat Datang Di Ujung Dunia’ is:

1. ‘Selamat Datang’
2. ‘Hati Dan Paru’
3. ‘Cameo’
4. ‘Apa Ada Asmara’
5. ‘Jalan Tikus’
6. ‘Ya Mau Gimana?’
7. ‘Mungkin Takut Perubahan’
8. ‘Semua Orang Pernah Sakit Hati’
9. ‘Polusi Cahaya’
10. ‘Seragam Ketat’
11. ‘Nirrrlaba’
12. ‘Tidak Ada Salju Di Sini, Pt. 6 (Selamat Jalan)’