Lorde says new album ‘Solar Power’ sounds like a “buzzy mix” of S Club 7, TLC and Fleetwood Mac

"The sound is sort of '60s/'70s folk with early 2000s bubblegum pop"

Lorde has given further details on her upcoming album ‘Solar Power’, comparing its sound to “a little bit” of S Club 7 and TLC mixed with Fleetwood Mac.

In a June 22 radio interview on the Smallzy’s Surgery show on Australia’s Nova FM, Lorde discussed her excitement to release her third studio album, which she also described as a cross between folk and bubblegum pop.

“I really think it’s such a good record. I feel so proud of it so I’m keen to get out there,” she said. “The sound is sort of ’60s/’70s folk with early 2000s bubblegum pop. It’s a little bit S Club, a little bit TLC, mixed with like, your classics – Fleetwood Mac. It’s quite a buzzy mix.”


The album’s titular single, released June 10, has drawn comparisons to Primal Scream and George Michael. Both the band and the late singer’s estate have given their blessings to ‘Solar Power’, the latter adding that “George would have been flattered to hear” the connection.

Lorde also talked the album cover of ‘Solar Power’, which she’d previously described to Stephen Colbert as “innocent and playful and a little bit feral”, and the reaction to it.

“I had been told that, you know, it was my butt and people might feel a way about that,” she told host Kent “Smallzy” Small. “But the photo felt so like joyful and playful and kind of free to me, I feel like the kind of sexiness almost didn’t kind of compute for me. I just thought I looked so happy jumping over the camera like that.

“But yeah, it was a funny thing thinking: ‘this person’s seen my butt, this person’s seen my butt and this person’s seen my butt’. I guess you got to preserve it while you got it.”

“I didn’t even know if I thought I looked that hot, I just thought it was such a cool, kind of tough photo,” she added. “I was like, ‘This feels iconic to me’. I can imagine owning the vinyl and loving it for 25 years. That was my vibe on it. I guess you have to preserve it while you’ve got it [and] save it for prosperity.”


Later in the discussion, Small asked Lorde about her fabled onion rings Instagram account. Lorde did not “confirm or deny” if she runs the review account. “I am quite passionate about onion rings,” she did admit.

“I do think there is a wide spectrum of good and bad, of crunchy and soggy, of sweet and savoury. I will leave you with that.” She did relent when answering a hypothetical question about running such an account, emphasising that “the people deserve to know where the great ones are.”

‘Solar Power’ is scheduled to be released on August 20. Lorde has confirmed a CD release of the album will be dropped in favour of a high-quality download packaged in an eco-conscious Music Box, which she described as an “environmentally kind, forward-thinking alternative to the CD”.

Lorde will embark upon a world tour in support of the album from February 2022 onwards, beginning in her home country of New Zealand. The tour will cover the territories of the UK, Europe, North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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