Lowswimmer and Clara Benin team up for new song, ‘Slowdown’

Benin also appeared in 'Glasshouse Part 1' last month

English indie singer-songwriter Lowswimmer has released a new collaboration with Filipino singer-songwriter Clara Benin on his new album, ‘Glasshouse Part 2’.

Lowswimmer’s ‘Glasshouse Part 2’ was released on July 1 and features a collaboration with Clara Benin on the track ‘Slowdown’– the only collaboration on the 10-track LP. Benin previously appeared in ‘Glasshouse Part 1’ track ‘Stasis’, though she was also joined by Novo Amor and S. Carey as guests on the first ‘Glasshouse’ LP.

‘Slowdown’ itself is a mellow acoustic track that opens with Lowswimmer’s plaintive cry, “I begged to go where I can go now / Amongst the drift, within the slowdown”. Benin joins in on the second verse, adding a subtle whispery layer behind Lowswimmer’s vocals before the two artists come together for the final chorus.


Listen to Lowswimmer’s ‘Glasshouse Part 2’ below.

Benin shared her excitement over the record in a post on her Instagram page that reads: “an absolute dream to be on it. this can’t be real !! thank you Lowswimmer for the trust.”

Benin’s most recent release came in the form of the single ‘blink’, her second solo song this year, following the Bahasa-written version of her 2015 ballad ‘Tila’ called ‘Suara Hati’. She also released two collaborations last year in the melodic single ‘A Day At A Time’ with Singaporean singer Gentle Bones and ‘Closer Than Before’ with indie outfit Lola Amour.

Lowswimmer – real name Ed Tullet – released the first part of his twin ‘Glasshouse’ albums on June 3 after a spurt of creativity in 2021 saw him writing 20 songs that would make up the albums. Describing the twin albums as “the records mirroring two facets of an artist grappling with grief”, Tullet’s ‘Glasshouse Part 2’ sees him focus on a more stripped-back, folk-influenced take on the subject matter.

Oxford-born, Cardiff-based Tullett is also a well-known songwriter and producer with an ongoing collaboration with Novo Amor, having released 2017’s ‘Heiress’ together. Tullet also claims co-author credit on Novo Amor’s 2018 album ‘Birthplace’ and his 2020 follow-up ‘Cannot Be, Whatsoever’.