Lucky Lelapary releases ‘Hir, Yahahe’ collab with fellow Tanimbar-based rappers

The rappers all hail from the Tanimbar Islands in Indonesia

Indonesian rapper Lucky Lelapary has shared the single ‘Hir, Yahahe’ in collaboration with fellow rappers Onnal Caribo, Jasen LA, Lil BRo, King P and Genzo.

They all hail from the Tanimbar Islands in Indonesia, a group of around 65 islands in the Maluku province, also known as Timur Laut. The single was released alongside a music video that pays tribute to the Indonesian region.

In the clip, the rappers perform the song at one of the tropical islands, against the backdrop of a traditional village. Performers wearing traditional costumes are also seen throughout the video, dancing next to Lucky Lelapary and co.


According to the video’s YouTube description, ‘Hir, Yahahe’ refers to a frequently-used phrase in the Tanimbar language, which is used by Tanimbar elders to give orders on activities that have to be done together, such as traditional ceremonies and wars.

In a statement to HipHopDX Asia, Jenderal Petruk – the record label behind the collaboration – said that the song’s message is to empower the youths of Tanimbar. “We deliberately took the word as the title with the reason and hope to invite and give orders to all young generations, especially the younger generation of Tanimbar to embrace each other without criticising or bringing down others in any way.”

“And let us, as children of the Tanimbar Islands region, continue to take care of and preserve the inheritance of our ancestors. Times may change but let’s not forget the customs, traditions and culture,” it added.

Prior to the collaboration, Lucky Lelapary had released the songs ‘Single’ Fighter’ and ‘Kamorang’ in 2020.