Lunadira and Reddi Rocket share unplugged performance, ‘Tangerine (Peeled)’

Joined by Anuar Roslan, the two perform stripped-down versions of their songs 'Mosquito Bites', 'Please You' and 'Am I Gonna Die?'

Malaysian singer-songwriter Lunadira and producer Reddi Rocket have shared ‘Tangerine (Peeled)’, a unplugged performance of songs from their joint EP ‘Tangerine’.

‘Tangerine (Peeled)’ features unplugged live versions of three of the songs featured in the EP: ‘Mosquito Bites’, ‘Please You’ and ‘Am I Gonna Die?’. Lunadira, Reddi and Anuar Roslan begin by performing ‘Mosquito Bites’ outdoors, in the leafy jungle, before Reddi takes centerstage for ‘Please You’, performing with his guitar, microphone and a lone disco ball. The trio then reunite in a colourfully decorated indoor setting for the final song ‘Am I Gonna Die?’.

“We were bummed we couldn’t perform for you guys, so we made a lil something special for you,” the description of ‘Tangerine (Peeled)’ reads. Watch it below:


On Instagram, Lunadira thanked her fans for tuning in and said: “We missed talking to you guys and last night felt like a little holiday for us. We hope you’re staying safe, we love you so so so much and we’re thankful for your existence.”

‘Tangerine (Peeled)’ is just the latest among a series of collaborations between the two musicians. Their partnership began last year with the release of two singles ‘Lotto’ and ‘Hoodie’, culminating in the five-track EP ‘Tangerine’ in November.

Speaking to NME in an earlier interview, the two shared that they first met in 2018 at the Good Vibes Festival, when Reddi was asked to perform a remix of Lunadira’s ‘Stuck With You’, and he spotted her rocking out to his rendition in the crowd during his performance.

The duo started jamming together, their collaborations beginning as spontaneous ventures in between sessions working on solo Lunadira material.


“We’ll always be working with each other, even if you don’t see his name beside mine on a song,” Lunadira told NME. “I can’t imagine going into the future without getting his input on what I am working on.”

Lunadira and Reddi Rocket recently made cameos in fellow Malaysian artist Shelhiel’s music video for ‘Star 星’.

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