LUST release remix of ‘Hedonist’ by producer JUK0

The remix is part of an ongoing campaign promoting their 2020 EP, 'Vantablack'

Malaysian duo LUST have unveiled a remix of ‘Hedonist’, produced by JUK0.

JUK0 retains much of the groove found in the song from LUST’s 2020 EP ‘Vantablack’, adding 8-bit synths and a propulsive four-on-the-floor rhythm that turns the lo-fi psychedelic pop jam into a dance-punk odyssey.

Hear the rework, now titled ‘Hedonist – JUK0’s Ghost In The Wave Mix’ below:



This is the second time JUK0 has remixed a song by LUST, first appearing on 2020’s ‘Re:Tekesima’ (a remix album of LUST’s 2019 album ‘Tekesima’). The producer, real name Azrul Zainal, also serves as guitarist and vocalist of rock band Jaggfuzzbeats.

“For ‘Hedonist’, he took the track, let its hair grow out, handed it a pair of Raybans and took it for a ride on his non-existant [sic] motorcycle — without any helmet on,” LUST wrote on Instagram.

The ‘Hedonist’ remix is part of an ongoing campaign by LUST called ‘CLUB VANTABLACK’, during which the band will be releasing content until April 9.


Among the other new releases include a remix of the track ‘Vantablack’ by Malaysian pop artist Shelhiel, a short film directed by Krew Filem Sec Kito, and a collaborative project titled ‘Vantablack x Silau Maya’, featuring visuals by digital artists Max Jala and Soft Bwoi.

In an interview with NME last year, LUST said that their work on ‘Vantablack’ is part of a larger aim to break away from the band mould. “We don’t want to sound like a bunch of dudes with rock instruments making rock songs,” said Azfar Bakar. “We’ve always seen LUST as a vehicle for introducing new ideas,” added Faris Khairi.