LUST return with new ‘Vantablack’ EP, or “anti-virus software for your mind”

Named after one of the darkest substances known to humanity

Malaysian experimental pop band LUST are back with a new EP, ‘Vantablack’.

The six-track project – touted as “anti-virus software for your mind” – is out today, with physical copies available on the band’s website and digital purchases up on Bandcamp.

“‘Vantablack’ wonders: can we absorb external energies without compromising our inner values? The EP name refers to the darkest known substance ever created, absorbing 99.965% of light. A blackhole of information, not unlike our human minds,” LUST shared in a press statement.


The songs explore themes like “dealing with the void”, meditation of past mistakes” and “hymn for the death mourners.”

LUST will also release a music video for title track ‘Vantablack’ tonight at 9:30pm. Listen to the EP below.

‘Vantablack’ follows the Kuala Lumpur band’s acclaimed debut full-length album ‘Tekesima’. Released in 2019, the album’s title is a play on the Malay word terkesima, which means to be stunned or have your attention be instantly captured by an object or incident.

LUST dropped a remixed version of the album titled ‘Re:Tekesima’ in April this year. The eight-track release featured reworks by artists from Malaysia and Singapore, including Analog K, Fauxe, Juko and more.


LUST released their debut five-track EP ‘chingichanga’ in 2016, a year after their formation.