LUST share experimental short film, ‘SILIKA’, soundtracked by ‘Vantablack’

The 24-minute film spotlights ordinary Malaysians and was shot at the height of the pandemic in 2020

Kuala Lumpur indie duo LUST have unveiled a new short film titled SILIKA.

The 24-minute experimental film, which premiered April 9, was shot and produced by Malaysian film crew Krew Filem Sek Kito (KFSK). It also features sounds from the duo’s 2020 EP ‘Vantablack’ combined with KFSK’s “guerilla style filmmaking”. There is no dialogue.

Per the video’s official description on YouTube, SIKILIKA was shot last year at the height of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic before Malaysia went into its second Movement Control Order (MCO).


The film features dancers, including choreographer Eli Orkid, and also shines a spotlight on ordinary Malaysians, ranging from bus riders and street sweepers to barbers and pasar malam (night market) patrons.

Discretion is advised for viewers with photosensitive epilepsy. Watch SILIKA below.

LUST released ‘Vantablack’ in December 2020. The six-track project received a four-star review from NME’s Azzief Khaliq, who praised the duo for finding “a better balance between their melodicism and their instrumental work” compared to their 2019 album, ‘Tekesima’.

In a January interview with NME, LUST explained their visual ambitions for ‘Vantablack’  and its accompanying rollout. “If you don’t shiok sendiri [self-indulge] with your projects, no one will,” member Azfar Bakar, who works full-time at a creative agency, joked. “We’ve always seen LUST as a vehicle for introducing new ideas,” added Faris Khairi.


Most recently, LUST released a remix of ‘Vantablack’ by Shelhiel last week. Prior to that, the duo also released a remix of ‘Hedonist’, produced by JUK0, on April 1. Hear the Shelhiel remix below: