Machine Gun Kelly says he “never departed from rap”

"I added on to my catalogue of four great rap albums"

Machine Gun Kelly has said in a new interview that he “never departed from rap” to make pop-punk music.

The Ohio artist moved away from his original rap sound on his latest two albums – ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ (2020) and this years ‘Mainstream Sellout’ – in favour of a more guitar-driven style.

MGK – real name Colson Baker – has also collaborated with the likes of Yungblud, Avril Lavigne and Blink-182‘s Travis Barker in recent years. The latter musician has production and co-writing credits on Baker’s three most recent records.


During a new converation with The Hollywood Reporter, the interviewer noted Machine Gun Kelly’s supposed “departure from rap heading toward pop-punk” with ‘Tickets’. He responded: “I got to stop you. I never ‘departed’ from rap.”

MGK continued: “I’m talented as fuck and I added on to my catalogue of four great rap albums. So what I did was I added on – never departed, left or switched.

“Because in the same year I was the most-viewed YouTube video putter-outer with all rap, which was my lockdown sessions, which gained more views than almost any of my other videos. And it was hundreds of millions of views of me rapping.”

Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly performs in Montreal, Canada, on July 31, 2022. CREDIT: Mark Horton/Getty Images

Baker went on to criticise the media outlets that sometimes make inaccurate assumptions about his work: “So when they say ‘departed’ or when they say, ‘Oh, man, you switched’. Motherfucker, are you dumb?!”

He added: “Because you motherfuckers aren’t even listening to what the fuck they even have to say for them to even care to say anything deep enough because they don’t even trust that you’re going to dive deep enough to know what you’re saying.”


Later, Baker said that he “stopped doing interviews” at one point. “I’ve just sat there and heard this, ‘Oh, he departed, oh, he switched, oh, he’ – Do you know how long? How much that kills me every day?” he explained.

“That if I died tomorrow, I know every single person would be like, ‘Legend, dude, this motherfucker did this and did this.’ And while I’m alive my flowers can’t be brought to me. … I don’t give a fuck about actual money. I’ve never once in my life looked at my bank account. I could care less. I care about real human interaction. That’s the shit to me.”

Back in March, MGK hit back at a TikTok user who suggested that he doesn’t play guitar live at his concerts.

Last month saw Machine Gun Kelly share the official video for ‘9 Lives’, which goes behind-the-scenes of his huge 2022 world tour. MGK wrapped up the UK and European leg of his ‘Mainstream Sellout’ world tour in Amsterdam on October 12.