Madison Beer on sampling ‘Rick and Morty’: “[Justin Roiland] was probably like, ‘Who is this chick?'”

“It’s my favourite TV show, it’s my favourite cartoon objectively," the singer told NME

Madison Beer has discussed the inspiration behind sampling Rick and Morty on her new album.

During her forthcoming record ‘Life Support’, Beer samples a sequence from the animated Adult Swim show, and spoke to NME about the reasons behind the choice.

“It’s my favourite TV show, it’s my favourite cartoon objectively,” she said during NME‘s latest In Conversation interview. “So I chose to showcase my buddy Rick in the outro. And Morty’s in it too. I’m obsessed with the show and I just didn’t feel like my album was complete without [Rick and Morty co-creator] Justin Roiland on it.”


Adding that her decision sparked a friendship between herself and Roiland, she added: “That’s actually how we became friends: I reached out to him and he was probably like, ‘Who is this chick?’

“And then we became buddies and started DM-ing more frequently. He said: ‘Do you wanna hang in person and get to know each other?’. I’m like, ‘Absolutely. You’re literally my God!.’ And he’s amazing. Rick and Morty is my favourite show ever.”

Watch the full NME In Conversation interview with Madison Beer below.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Beer discussed the mental health battles that influenced ‘Life Support’, saying: “I was going through a really tough time when we were making this album. I had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, I was in and out of dark mental states and in therapy three times a week.”

She added: “[Creating my album] was my life support and that’s why I called this album ‘Life Support’. It kept me alive, I found a passion and something that felt good. I was like, this is a reason to live and this is enough. I can be here for this.”

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