Madison Beer opens up on being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder

Beer says that she is now "more in touch with my emotions and figuring out how to be stable"

Madison Beer has spoken in a new interview about being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

The New York singer/songwriter spoke candidly in an interview with The Face about her diagnosis and her upcoming debut album, ‘Life Support’.

Saying that “people think they already have their minds made up about me”, Beer says that she hopes that public perception of her will shift once ‘Life Support’ is released.

“Part of me is nervous because I really want people to not take things I say wrong,” she said. “Part of me is so excited because I’m finally able to be like, have your opinions about me, but the only insight I’ve ever actually provided you with is this album.

“So if you’re going to judge me based on things I haven’t provided you with versus things I’m literally giving you, then I’m not really going to be upset over it anymore.”

Madison Beer
Madison Beer (Picture: Press)

Asked about the meaning behind the title ‘Life Support’, Beer opened up about her recent experiences and confirmed her borderline personality disorder diagnosis.

“It was a hell of a year for me,” Beer explained. ​“I did go through a break-up, but I didn’t want to make a break-up album because I felt like that was so shallow. That was only one part of a big story, the tip of the iceberg.

“I haven’t really opened up publicly about a lot of the stuff [I was going through], but I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I was suicidal at one point. I was going through a really tough time, and I felt like making a break-up album amidst going through such real shit was dumbing myself down in a way that I didn’t want to do.

“[But] once I was given a diagnosis, going through therapy three times a week, I was getting more in touch with my emotions and figuring out how to be stable. I was able to write better and understand myself better. So I could just write the story how I wanted it to be told.”

Back in April Beer shared the single ‘Broken Glass’, which she said was inspired by her confronting her own mental health struggles.

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