Malaysian arts space Live Fact launch “rockumentary” with post-rock band Deepset

Part of a crowdfunding campaign to survive live music closure

Live Fact, an arts space in Malaysia’s Petaling Jaya, has released a “rockumentary” video feature about post-rock band Deepset.

The short film, titled The Sonic Stories of Deepset, was made as part of the venue’s ongoing crowdfunding drive in light of the ongoing pandemic. Live music in the country remains largely halted for the foreseeable future.

In the video, interviews with past and present members of Deepset are interspersed with full-length performances by the band. The video was released to the public earlier this month (June 1) after initially premiering for crowdfund backers last July. The video can be viewed here.


Live Fact co-founder Mak Wai Hoo shared with The Star about the project, saying that the film helped “capture the spirit of collaboration.”  “We might be closed as a venue,” he said. “But I’m glad that The Sonic Stories Of Deepset video captures the spirit of collaboration.”

“Through the years, I have seen them play countless times, but for this performance – in an empty hall, no audience – they served up a magical set. They offered to help us in our darkest time and that glow of hope, as cheesy as it might sound, really lifted us.”

As part of the video release, Live Fact and Deepset have issued an exclusive live CD and merchandise bundle. The disc features four unreleased songs, including ‘Ballad Of The Dancing Lunatic’ and ‘Madness, As You Know’. The bundle can be purchased here.

Malaysia is currently under full lockdown following a recent surge in cases. Today Online reported yesterday (June 10) that the country’s last day of lockdown – currently set for June 14 – may be extended to a later date, according to the country’s health minister Adham Baba.

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