Malaysian band The Fridays announce new album, release single ‘Constellation’

‘No One Realizes This Is Nowhere’ is the follow-up to their 2015 debut album ‘Verklempt’

Malaysian indie pop band The Fridays have announced their second album, ‘No One Realizes This Is Nowhere’, and shared a track ‘Constellation’.

The long-gestating project is the follow-up to their 2015 album ‘Verklempt’. Yesterday (May 31), the band issued a music video for album cut ‘Constellation’, featuring the six-piece performing the song in a sparse performance space. The video was shot in February by Hafiz Anson at the Grey Cube Media Studio.

Watch the clip below.


The Fridays write on the album’s pre-order page that the record was “made during a uniquely miserable period professionally and personally”. The band also explain that ‘No One Realizes This Is Nowhere’ is “about second chances and how starting over probably isn’t such a bad thing after all”.

No release date has been confirmed for the album, but pre-orders are set to close on July 1. The 150 copies available for order will come with a limited-edition sticker pack. According to the pre-order page, there appear to be 11 songs on the tracklist. Preview the tracks here.

The Fridays were originally founded in Ampang, Malaysia in 2003, comprising members Acap F (vocals), Afniaz ‘Kakak’ Afiq (drums), Muhammad Said (keyboards/synths), Yazid Beruang (bass), and guitarists Pak Iran Squire and Wan Bellon.

Aside from 2015 album ‘Verklempt’, the band issued a standalone single in 2019, ‘Disneyland (It’s All Happening)’.