Malaysian doom metal trio Berdosa tease album with ‘Crutch For the Weak’

Featuring Imran Muhammad, who fronts Kuala Lumpur-based death metal band Mothflesh

Malaysian doom metal trio Berdosa have given a sneak preview of their upcoming debut album with their latest single ‘Crutch For the Weak’.

Stretching over five minutes, ‘Crutch For the Weak’ features growling vocals from Imran Muhammad, who fronts Kuala Lumpur-based death metal band Mothflesh.

The new track was uploaded with an accompanying lyric video late last week (September 11).


Check out the video below:


Berdosa recorded their new album ‘Berdoa’ at Kuala Lumpur live venue Live Fact. They worked with recording engineer Eric Wong, who has previously worked with the likes of Koffin Kanser, Gerhana Ska Cinta and Skits.

“The band was given the creative freedom of searching and eventually forging the true essence of Berdosa’s sound – which is just, a really tall room with many amplifiers,” the trio said in a press release.

“The recording allowed the band to also collaborate with a dynamic pick of artists who ranged from a soulful gospel singer to a spirit-eating death metal vocalist.”


The full-length album entitled ‘Berdoa’, which loosely translates as ‘prayer’ in Malay, will feature eight tracks.

The band hope the album will allow listeners to “question the contemporary culture of religion through its lyrics; while ruminating for answers through its instrumentals”.

‘Berdoa’ is also expected to be available on all streaming platforms on October 11. The album’s physical CD format is also expected to be released the same day.

Between August 20 and September 20, the band is holding a pre-sale bundle comprising a CD and T-Shirt. The bundle, which is limited to only 50 units, is sold at RM95 excluding shipping, and will be posted out on October 4 this year.

Thanks to all who bought our bundle, the support locally and internationally has been incredible. We have a few more…

Posted by Berdosa on Thursday, September 3, 2020


Formed in 2017, Berdosa released their debut three-track EP ‘Smells Like Tree Spirit’ in August 2018.

The band consists of Afiq Iskandar on vocals and guitar, Ezekiel Mavani on bass, and Ravi Shankar on Drums.