Malaysian indie rock outfit Alien Lipstick Fire share dancey new single ‘Any Other Way’

Their fourth and final single for 2021

Malaysian indie rock quartet Alien Lipstick Fire have shared a dancey new single titled ‘Any Other Way’.

The new song dropped on major streaming services today (August 20) and it serves as their fourth single of 2021, following prior releases ‘Mongol Fang’, ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Nosferatu’.

According to the press release, it is also their final single of the year. ‘Any Other Way’ centres around the concept of wishful thinking and the importance of staying positive in times of difficulty.


Listen to the track below.

“The lyrics push the narrative that the person has come to terms with the struggles they are facing by not letting that put them down,” the Kuala Lumpur-based band said in the press release.

‘Any Other Way’ also sees the band shift away from their usual guitar-driven approach, veering into experimental sonic territory rife with psychedelic and indie pop sounds, with an emphasis on synths.

‘Any Ohter Way’ caps off a series of single releases, which the band says would be “part of something bigger in the future”. They also stated they are working on a music video for the single, which will be funded by Malaysian arts and culture body Cendana.

Earlier this week (August 17), the band teased the new single on Instagram, updating fans on the band’s activities. “We’ve been slackin’ a bit on social media, trying to keep our individual lives afloat, but we’re always determined to put music out as long as our resources allow it,” they wrote.


The upcoming video will see them work alongside frequent collaborator Sir Lion’s Stake, who produced and directed video clips for their previous singles ‘Simple City’ and ‘Higher Off The Ground’.

Alien Lipstick Fire consists of James Sharkey (lead vocals & guitars), Malcolm Bagiu (guitar & vocals), Benjamin Sinidol (bass), and Hazim Aziz (drums).

Formed in 2015, the band has released two EPs starting with their debut release ‘Different Days’ in July 2019 and ‘The Late Hours’ EP in July the following year.

In 2018, the band opened for Chilean–Norwegian singer-songwriter Boy Pablo at the Urbanscapes 2018, and appearing again at the music festival in 2019.