Malaysian post-rock band Glass share unreleased tracks after announcing breakup

"Some are missing lyrics, some are missing parts, but this is what we’re gonna leave you with"

Malaysian post-rock outfit Glass have dropped a collection of raw unreleased tracks, days after announcing their break-up. See the full list of their celestial tracks below.

The four-piece band uploaded six tracks under the title ‘Sehingga Ketemu Lagi’ (‘Til We Meet Again’) on streaming service Spotify on Monday (February 1) as a parting gift to their fans.

“We’re leaving you with a release of our unfinished tracks of what was supposed to be,” the band said in a Facebook post.


“Songs on this release are both intended and or unintended to sound how they are. Some are missing lyrics, some are missing parts, but this is what we’re gonna leave you with.”

Listen to the tracks below.

The release comes after the Kuala Lumpur group announced the end of their journey as a band late last week, prompted by the departure of their guitarist Coebar Abel.

“Following the departure of our guitarist Coebar from the band, the rest of us have decided to call it a day and to bid farewell to everyone who has been supporting us since day 1 of the band, which originally was called ‘Goo!’ (Fun fact right there),” the band said on Facebook.

“To everyone single one of you who has supported us, came for shows, hung out with us, drank with us, booked us for shows, had us for your gigs, we love and appreciate each and everyone of you. We had a great time making music, we had a great time as a band together. But this is goodbye.”


Formed in 2016, Glass consisted of guitarists Coebar and Adrian Lim, as well as bassist Daniel Fleischer and drummer Alvin Lim.

Known for their catchy hooks and ambient walls of sound, the band released only one album: their self-titled debut in December 2018.