Malaysian punk venue Rumah Api opens up for rehearsals, recordings

Since the pandemic began, Rumah Api has struggled to pay rent and other overheads

Malaysian punk house Rumah Api is opening its doors for band recordings and rehearsals.

Late last week (Sept 11), the Kuala Lumpur venue posted a flyer offering its services as it looks to sustain its operations after a lack of shows amid the ongoing pandemic.

The flyer, emblazoned with the words “The only way you can help RUMAH API survive”, notes that bands can use the venue as a practice studio for RM30 per hour or RM300 for 15 hours per month. See it below:


Do contact us.

Posted by Rumah Api on Thursday, September 10, 2020

Musicians who want to do recordings would be charged RM60 per hour. The recordings will be engineered by Tom Bollocks, the guitarist of Malaysian punk pioneers The Bollocks and Carburetor Dung.

Since the pandemic began, Rumah Api has struggled to pay rent and other overheads amounting to some RM3,500 per month.

In May, a donation drive was launched on crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to help cover the venue’s monthly RM3,100 rental between March and June this year. The campaign had raised AUD$4,188 (around RM12,652.93).

On July 19, Rumah Api held a private show to help raise more funds which led to the arrests of 42 patrons for various violations related to social distancing measures imposed by the government, venue founder Yazman Yahya told NME.

Yazman, also known as Man Beranak of the thrashcore band Sarjan Hassan, told NME the show allowed a limited number of attendees and was not open to the public.


Following the police raid, the venue was fined RM2,300 for not having an entertainment permit, while the patrons were each slapped with compound fines amounting to some RM1,000.

Since its inception in 2011, Rumah Api has played host to a slew of local and international underground bands in the DIY punk circuit.

The list of well-known international bands to have played at Rumah Api includes Vancouver punk pioneers D.O.A., American post-hardcore group City of Caterpillar and New York-based band Haram.