Malaysian rapper Hullera shares emotive new track, ‘Lepaskan’

The track sees her take on a pop punk direction

Malaysian rapper Hullera has dropped an emotionally-charged track titled ‘Lepaskan’ (‘Let Go’), which arrived alongside a music video.

Both the song and the music video – released via Loka Entertainment and distributed by Universal music – was shared on major streaming services on Thursday (October 28).

The melancholic bilingual track is a departure from Hullera’s hip-hop repertoire and sees the artist head towards a new pop punk direction. The video clip, on the other hand, is rich with colours and shows Hullera playfully wandering desolate parks on a bicycle and skateboard.


In some scenes, she can be seen strumming on a pink toy guitar while singing the poignant tune. Watch the video clip below.

As suggested in its lyrics and title, the song touches on the state of indifference and reflects on choices made in life. “If I say I’m lonely would u hear me? / If I say I’m down would you lift me? / If I say I love.. / would you believe me? / Please believe me / Oh please believe me,” Hullera sings in the English on the track’s pre-chorus.

In the chorus, Hullera continues in Malay, singing: “Lepaskanlah segalanya yang bukan milikmu / Bukan milikmu.” (“Let go of everything that is not yours / Not yours”).

The release of ‘Lepaskan’ comes ahead of Hullera’s appearance at the Revive Arcade Festival 2021 this coming December.

In late August, Hullera worked alongside fellow Malaysian rappers Joe Flizzow and Bunga in a collaborative track entitled ‘Kena Check’. She also recently teamed up with rapper/singer RUDEEN on ‘Hadir’, prior to collaborating with Singaporean emcee AE$OP CA$H, and Indonesian musicians Matter Mos and Tuan Tigabelas for her single ‘Siapa Lagi’ in April.


Hullera’s first single ‘Biarkan’ launched in 2019, the same year she was featured on Ramengvrl’s track ‘bad minah’, a single taken off the Indonesian rapper’s ‘no bethany’ mixtape.