Malaysian rapper MeerFly pulls off a heist in music video for ‘Lai Lah’

Featured artists Caprice and Cherry appear in the video to help steal a football trophy

Malaysian hip-hop artist MeerFly has released a new music video for his latest single, ‘Lai Lah’ featuring Caprice and Cherry.

The music video – which premiered on YouTube today (May 18) – has already amassed a strong viewer count, with over 50 thousand views at the time of writing. The video, which was directed by featured artist Caprice, features an elaborate plot in which MeerFly and his crew set out to steal a football trophy.

Watch the music video below.


The video kicks off with MeerFly challenging a champion football team to a match with the trophy on the line. Over the course of the match, the players get distracted by Cherry’s team of cheerleaders and a blackout as Caprice gets away with the trophy.

Throughout the track, Meerfly and Caprice trade bars in Malay and English, while Cherry raps in Mandarin and English – her first time delivering a rap verse, she said on Instagram.

MeerFly made his debut in 2018 with the single ‘Roller Coaster Life’, followed by a string of releases leading up to ‘Lai Lah’. He notably collaborated with K-Clique members Tuju, SoMean and MK on the 2019 track ‘BossKu’.

Just days prior to the release of ‘Lai Lah’, MeerFly also collaborated with Caprice on the self-produced track titled ‘Koyak’. MeerFly announced via Instagram that all money made from the song would go directly to NGOs in Palestine.


Caprice on the other hand, made his debut in 2009 as a YouTube rapper, and has predominantly released his music solely through the video sharing platform with the exception of a handful of singles in 2020.