Malaysian rapper Namewee reportedly earns millions from NFT sales of his song ‘Fragile’

But he says he will never cash out his cryptocurrency earnings

Malaysian rapper Namewee has reportedly earned millions by releasing copies of his recent single ‘Fragile’ as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which he says sold out in three hours.

On Sunday morning (November 7), the Taiwan-based rapper launched 99 NFTs of the song on marketplace platform OpenSea. According to Taiwan News, within hours, Namewee had earned 209 ETH in the Ether cryptocurrency (or about MYR4million) from the sale of all 99 tokens.

Namewee originally issued ‘Fragile’, a collaborative song with Australian singer Kimberley Chen, on digital platforms last month. The song attracted controversy upon its release as its lyrics and music video were accused of mocking China’s current administration under president Xi Jinping. Namewee and Chen subsequently had their Weibo accounts banned in China.


In a Facebook post, Namewee said he was “a little overwhelmed” by becoming a rich man within hours. Despite his windfall, he said he will not be cashing out the digital currency, instead vowing to let it circulate in the virtual world, in a move “against the worlds’ banks”.

According to Taiwan News, the rapper also produced a song dedicated specifically to NFTs called ‘Go NFT’.

The NFTs of this single were also minted and sold on OpenSea, with Namewee stating that he had deleted all of its related original musical files to ensure the exclusivity of each NFT purchase.

The rapper has teased another NFT drop this Sunday (November 14), where 20 copies of an unnamed song, described as “high-pitched”, will be issued on OpenSea and “will not be released again”.


In June, Namewee attracted the ire of BLACKPINK fans when his track ‘You Know Who Is My Father?’ referenced the K-pop group.

This followed a controversy in his native Malaysia, where the rapper surrendered to the police during an investigation over Babi, a film he wrote and directed, that was the subject of two police reports alleging elements of racism.