Malaysian rapper Namewee under fire for ‘disrespectful’ BLACKPINK reference in ‘You Know Who Is My Father?’

Fans have flooded the rapper's social media with comments demanding he “respect women” and “respect BLACKPINK”

Malaysian rapper Namewee has come under fire from fans of BLACKPINK for a lyrical reference to the K-pop group in his song, ‘You Know Who Is My Father?’.

The track’s music video has racked up well over 3million views since its May 28 release date. The song and video have since come under fire for its provocative lyrics and imagery, which critics claim objectify women – including BLACKPINK.


In the song, Namewee – real name Wee Meng Chee – raps one Mandarin line that translates to “Always watch BLACKPINK and masturbate”. He then asks, “How you like that?“, a reference to the Korean group’s 2020 single ‘How You Like That?’

Elsewhere in the video, Namewee brags about paying for breast implant surgeries while surrounded by bikini- and lingerie-clad women.

Since the release of the music video, BLACKPINK fans have flocked to its comments section, demanding that the rapper “RESPECT BLACKPINK, RESPECT JISOO, RESPECT JENNIE, RESPECT ROSÉ, RESPECT LISA” and “respect women” as a whole.

The rapper’s social media has also been flooded with critical comments over the track and music video. He has yet to address the furore over ‘You Know Who Is My Father?’.



‘You Know Who Is My Father?’ is Namewee’s most recent brush with controversy. In March this year, Namewee returned to Malaysia from abroad and turned himself over to police over his 2020 film, Babi, which was the subject of two police reports alleging it contained elements of racism.

In 2018, Namewee was detained for four days following the release of his track ‘Like A Dog’. The music video featured Namewee rapping while sitting in a desk chair in front of the Putra Mosque, the principal mosque of Putrajaya, the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. He was surrounded by dancers in dog masks, who mimicked sexually obscene acts in what was deemed an insult to Islam.