Malaysian rapper RAPKEYS releases new single ‘Hambalang Sot Plug’

The emerging Johor rapper targets fake news and pandemic hysteria in his fiery new track

Malaysian rapper RAPKEYS has released a new single, ‘Hambalang Sot Plug’.

The song is his second release so far, following his debut single ‘LCW’, which was released in May. Both tracks are taken from his upcoming EP titled ‘G.G.’

In the song, RAPKEYS expresses his rage – in verses of Mandarin and Malay lines – against the flurry of fake news and misinformation, social media influencers, and everything else in his sight.


However, he deftly trades his aggression for perceptive caution in his second verse. “Staying home is driving everybody insane, I know / We still have to bear it / Who hasn’t felt troubled these days? / Take a step at a time/ Stay calm / Hunker down / We will make it through,” he raps, via a translation. The song was co-produced by FRANCO.$.

A music video for ‘Hambalang Sot Plug’ was also released, with RAPKEYS delivering his verses in a neon-saturated bar.

Watch it below.

‘Hambalang Sot Plug’ takes its name from Malaysian slang, which stands for “everyone getting fed up and crazy”. The rapper uses the term to describe the current pandemic situation in the country.

“In this pandemic, everyone is feeling extremely frustrated and wants to express their emotions freely,” RAPKEYS said of his new single in a press release.


“I want to bring something new to the audience in terms of auditory and visual content. Something which they can resonate with, in terms of the pressure we are all facing.”

His upcoming EP, ‘G.G.’, has yet to receive a release date.

RAPKEYS is part of Kuala Lumpur-based hip-hop collective Ban Huat Sdn. Bhd., which was founded by rapper Dato’ Maw.