Malaysia’s TAPAUawards announces 2020 nominees: No Good, Monoloque, Airliftz and more

The virtual ceremony will be held on December 27

Malaysia’s TAPAUawards has unveiled its nominations ahead of the virtual ceremony on December 27. See the full list below.

The TAPAUawards aims to recognise young and creative talents in Malaysia’s independent scene. Organised by indie platform TAPAUasia, it’s in its second year and will be streamed online in light of the pandemic.

The nominations announcement for TAPAUawards 2020 was live-streamed on Sunday (December 20). Artists that have clinched nods include garage punk trio No Good, indie rock veterans BTSWT, experimental rock artist Monoloque, rapper Airliftz and more.


Also on the list of nominees are indie rock group Couple, rap group Gard Wuzgut, rock band Iqbal M. and emo quartet Iamrain.

Fourteen artists will contend for awards in a total of eight categories, including Best Song, Best Music Video, and Best Release, among others. TAPAUawards is also handing out a prize for the Best Noise Maker, which will go to a production house that has created a buzz in the independent music scene this year.

“2020 was a challenging year for all those in our indie scene regardless of whether one was a creator or supporter. But we feel that we should always try to stay hopeful and keep on supporting each other,” TAPAUasia wrote in an Instagram post.

Music fans will be able to vote in six of the categories, while the winners of the remaining two special awards will be selected by organisers TAPAUasia. Voting ends at midnight on December 27. Register and vote here.


The special awards are the Yasmin Award, named after the late director Yasmin Ahmad. It recognises a figure that has contributed to the growth of the scene. The Jeremy Award, named in honour of the late music producer Jeremy Little, will be given to a ‘breakthrough artist’.

Those bagging the awards will receive the Golden Ikat Tepi Trophy, which is modelled after the iconic and much-cherished local refreshment, Sirap Bandung.

TAPAUawards has dropped one category this year: the “Artist of the Decade” award which went to indie rock band Hujan in last year’s ceremony.

The inaugural TAPAUawards last year also saw Iqbal M. emerging tops after clinching the trophies for the Best Album Art, Best Song, and Best Artist categories.

TAPAUawards 2019 was held on December 27, at The Bee, Publika. This year’s iteration will be streamed online via TAPAUasia’s platform.

The list of nominees for TAPAUawards 2020 is:

1. Borak Luas Sessions by LUAS MY
2. Ruang Bertamu by ATAS BY BIJANFX
3. Anugerah Lagu Indie by HASHTAG MEDIA and KAMAR SENI
4. #hqareact by HUCKYEA

1. No Good – ‘Demo Kawe’ EP by DJIN KAI & ZULAMRAN HILMI (Nov 2019)
2. Mim – ‘Runut Dalam Jeda’ by HUZAIFAH MAHMUD (Apr 2020)
3. Berdosa – ‘Berdoa’ by AFIQ ISKANDAR & KHANG WEI (Oct 2020)
4. Iamrain – ‘Citra’ by FARIZA BASRI & SHUZ MORDIFFI (Jul 2020)

1. Iqbal M. – ‘Kalau Tewas Nanti Parah’ by AZIZULHAKIM SALLEH (Jan 2020)
2. No Good – ‘Che Using’ by NIZAM OMAR (Apr 2020)
3. Airliftz & I-SKY – ‘Ease My Mind’ by ADRIANA TUNKU (Jul 2020)
4. Satwo – ‘Untok Kita (Hanya Kita)’ by DEE AL-HADI (Aug 2020)

1. Gard Wuzgut – ‘Rahmat Bulan’ featuring Offgrid (March 2020)
2. Monoloque – ‘Pijak Atas Bayang’ (Apr 2020)
3. Ramayan – ‘Lamunan Anak Bulan’ (May 2020)
4. BTSWT – ‘Biarlah Mentari’ (May 2020)

1. No Good – ‘Demo Kawe’ EP (November 2019)
2. A Limin. – ‘Adam’ (November 2019)
3. Monoloque – ‘Perang Halimunan’ EP (May 2020)
4. Sayla – ‘To Live and Let Grow’ (June 2020)

1. Couple
3. Monoloque
4. No Good