MAMAMOO to premiere their debut feature film next month

The movie will feature performances and behind-the-scenes footage from their recent 'WAW' online concert

K-pop girl group MAMAMOO are set to release their debut feature film this December.

South Korea’s largest cinema chain, CGV, announced earlier today (November 26) that the four-member group would be premiering their first-ever movie titled MAMAMOO 2021 WAW Concert: The Movie next month, per translations by Soompi.

According to a statement released via Maeil Kyungje, the forthcoming 102-minute-long film will feature performances from the four-piece’s recent online concert ‘WAW’, held on August 28 this year to celebrate the group’s seventh debut anniversary. The movie will also include exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of their performances as well as MAMAMOO’s concert preparations.


The film is set to be screened in 33 different movie theatres across South Korea from December 3 onwards, however plans to premiere the movie globally have yet to be disclosed.

Cho Jin-ho, who heads the content creation department at CGV, commented through the statement: “We hope that through the theatres’ large screens and full sound, audiences will be able to enjoy the experience of MAMAMOO’s concert with their entire bodies.”

Cho also hinted at the possibility of other Korean music acts receiving their own concert films in the near future. “CGV will continue to collaborate with a wide array of artists and consistently present [films] that allow audiences to feel the passionate atmosphere of a concert at the movie theatre,” he added.

MAMAMOO vocalist Hwasa made her solo return earlier this week with a new single album titled ‘Guilty Pleasure’, featuring a total of three brand-new tracks including lead single ‘I’m A 빛’.