Måneskin on embracing ‘The X Factor’: “Our generation doesn’t feel the urge to label everything”

The Italian Eurovision winners got their start on the programme in their home country

Måneskin have shared their feelings about being associated with The X Factor, despite the derision some people have for the show.

The Italian band, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021, got their start on The X Factor in their home country in 2017, on which they came second.

Speaking to NME for the latest Big Read cover story, Måneskin explained the reasoning behind their decision to go on the programme and discussed changing attitudes to talent shows. “Basically, we were sick of carrying instruments and amplifiers on our fucking shoulders,” frontman Damiano David said of the move. “We saw an opportunity and we just jumped on the train.”


Bassist Victoria De Angelis added: “Here it’s cool. It’s the only X Factor that allows real bands to play, or at least it was the first. It gives you the opportunity to show off something real. We did whatever we wanted to do.”

NME Cover 2022 Måneskin
Måneskin on the cover of NME

On how attitudes towards artists who have come up through TV talent shows are changing, David explained: “Our generation doesn’t feel the urge to label everything. They just want to enjoy your music, enjoy your journey and follow you in whatever you do.

Harry Styles is the perfect example. He had the biggest fanbase with a boyband, and now is one of the most respected and worshipped artists in the world. He deserves it because he has been able to make that happen for himself. It’s literally what an artist should do: be true to yourself.”

Check out the full Big Read cover interview with Måneskin here, where they also talk the aftermath of the Eurovision cocaine speculation, work on their new album, working with Baz Luhrman on a song for the upcoming biopic ELVIS, having breakfast with Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson, and fame in the US.

Yesterday (May 31), the band shared a new video for their latest single ‘Supermodel’, in which they pay tribute to their favourite movies from the ‘90s. “We had so much fun filming it in London, playing funny scenes that reminded us of a detective B-movie,” the band said in a statement.


The band play Reading & Leeds Festival 2022 in August before headlining The O2 Arena in London on May 8. Visit here for tickets and more information.