Manila Grey glide through ‘Shibuya’ in their latest track

They're readying an album for release in November

Manila Grey have returned today (August 26) with a characteristically lovelorn single, ‘Shibuya’.

The Filipino-Canadian R&B duo premiered ‘Shibuya’ via Complex today. The release comes on the heels of July’s ‘blue vegeta’. Both tracks were recorded with producer and longtime collaborator azel north.

The track features lush production powered by ’80s-indebted synths, along with a sterling hook delivered by Neeko: “Yellow lambo suicide / I’m in Shibuya moving sideways / Still ride through my mind / Still ride through my mind”. Stream the single below:


Both ‘Shibuya’ and ‘blue vegeta’ are the latest peek into ‘No Saints On Knight Street’, Manila Grey’s upcoming album due for a November release. It’s their latest full-length after 2019’s ‘No Saints Loading’.

Manila Grey told Complex the new track is about “a lost love for someone and how that loss can turn your mind sideways.”

“As the story unfolds in the song, we start to see two perspectives—one reminiscing of a past love and another that is currently in love, but that feeling is nearing its end. The outcome for both is the same: she got away in Shibuya.”

The first-generation Filipino-Canadian duo have emerged as one of Canada’s promising new R&B acts, and have also attracted a fanbase in the Philippines.

Of their 2018 live debut in Manila, they told HYPEBEAST, “We set out to expand our culture, we really wanted to add to it, you know? But we were trying to do it from thousands of miles away in Vancouver. Then coming home and seeing so many people support that and ride with us, we just couldn’t believe it.”