Mariah Carey’s brother sues singer for “emotional distress” caused by her autobiography

The singer published 'The Meaning Of Mariah Carey' in 2020

Mariah Carey‘s older brother is suing the singer for defamation and emotional distress which he alleges was caused by her recent memoir, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey.

Morgan Carey is seeking unspecified damages against the pop icon and claims that the book, which was released in September 2020, falsely suggests he was violent.

Carey claims to have suffered “extreme mental anguish” and “serious damage to his reputation” as a result of the book.

Morgan claims that the offending passage focuses on an alleged “vicious fight” with his father that occurred when Mariah was a child.

The singer alleged that it took “12 cops to pull my brother and father apart” – but Morgan alleges the incident was “fictional”.

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey (Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for MC)

Morgan has also sued over passages that, he alleges, imply he tried to extort money from Mariah after she became a global star, and that he had been “in the [criminal justice] system”.

“[Morgan] brings this action more in sorrow and disappointment in his sister’s betrayals and malicious falsehoods than in anger at them,” papers filed in court claim.

The suit, which has been filed in Manhattan, also names the book’s co-author Michaela Angela Davis, its publisher Macmillan, and the imprint Andy Cohen Books as co-defendants.

The case follows a month on from Mariah’s sister suing the singer for $1.25 million (£900,000) over the memoir.

Alison Carey said that Mariah had aimed to “humiliate and embarrass her” by writing  passages which claimed that she gave Valium to the singer when she was just 12, tried to pimp her out and threw boiling tea on her.

Carey, nor her co-defendants, are yet to respond to the legal action.