Marian Carmel and RENE celebrate Pride Month with collaborative single ‘we’re gonna die anyway!!!’

Carmel and RENE are set to debut the single during their joint set at Pink Dot 14 on June 18

Singaporean indie singer-songwriters Marian Carmel and RENE have released a single celebrating Pride Month entitled ‘we’re gonna die anyway!!!’.

The Charlie Kurata-produced single was released on major streaming platforms on June 8, and sees the two singers interplaying faux-serious verses with a catchy pop chorus. The message of the track, the artists say in a statement, is “we’re here, we’re queer, and we’re gonna die anyway, so we might as well live our lives to the fullest.”

Listen to Marian Carmel and RENE’s ‘we’re gonna die anyway!!!’ below.


In a statement, Carmel explained that she and RENE wanted “to write about our lived experiences as queer people,” sharing how she had received weird looks on the train while holding hands in her first queer relationship.

“It was something I had never experienced or even thought about with my previous partners,” she explained, adding, “It got me thinking about all the things we take for granted and the extra hurdles that queer people face because the world just hasn’t considered the community as much.”

“Being queer in Singapore isn’t the easiest,” adds RENE, “but it comforts me knowing that fellow queer friends like Marian have my back and empathise with my perspective.”

Carmel and RENE are set to debut the single during their joint set at Pink Dot 14, an annual celebration and protest for LGBTQ+ rights in Singapore that will be held on June 18 this year at Hong Lim Park.

An accompany music video for the track is slated to release on June 10 and will feature some of the most prominent names from Singapore’s queer community making an appearance, including Jean Seizure, aeriqah, Cayes Hotwheels Hong, and pauriahcarey as it documents the lives of different individuals.


Filipino-born, Singapore-raised Carmel released her debut album ‘To You, To Me’ last year in October, an eight-track project featuring her previously released singles ‘You Like The Chase’, ‘Rose’ and ‘Pause + Reset’. Carmel also collaborated with local rapper Akeem Jahat on two singles, ‘What Are We?’ and ‘Heartbreak Boulevard’ as well as ‘If It’s With You’ alongside evanturetime and Tim De Cotta.

RENE released her debut EP ‘Something To Hide’ in April 2021, and has already announced plans for her sophomore EP sometime after the debut of ‘we’re gonna die anyway!!!’. Having plied her trade at Esplanade’s Baybeats Festival, *SCAPE Music Day Out!, Tiger Crystal’s Fire Stages, Zendyll’s At Home Sessions, and UNHEARD FOR DOT: A Charity Concert, RENE was also a mentee of Charlie Lim on Season 2 of The Great Singapore Replay in 2020.