Listen to Marian Carmel’s new single, ‘You Like The Chase’

The latest from the Filipino-born singer-songwriter

Singapore-based singer-songwriter Marian Carmel has released her new single, ‘You Like The Chase’.

The song is Marian’s first single of the year, following last November’s ‘Rose’. ‘You Like The Chase’ channels the mid-tempo sensuality of R&B, its lyrics a melancholic look at a past relationship with moments of indignation.

‘You Like The Chase’ was produced by Leo Goh (Fingerfunk, TENG Ensemble). Hear it below:


According to Marian, the song was written after a conversation with a friend over a meal of fishball noodles. “[My friend] told me something about a previous relationship that made me so angry that I stopped my Encik Tan fishball noodles [store] and turned on my voice memo to record a hook I hummed,” she revealed in a press statement.

It was also written in one night, which allowed Marian to channel a different side to her usual songwriting practices. “I made something that wasn’t melancholy for a change and it showed a very rare playful and sarcastic side of me,” she explained.

The single release was also launched alongside a #WhereDoIBegin Challenge on TikTok, which encourages users to produce a skit with the punchline, “Boy oh boy, where do I even begin?”

The Filipino-born artist is slated to release more singles in the lead-up to her debut album, due for release at the end of the year.


Marian Carmel made her debut in 2019 with the single ‘Might Never Get Better’, and has since gone on to collaborate with Singaporean singer-songwriter lewloh and Indonesian duo Mantra Vultura.

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