Marian Carmel releases soulful new single, ‘Pause + Reset’

Her debut album is set to be released “in the upcoming weeks”

Filipino-born, Singapore-raised singer-songwriter Marian Carmel has released a new single, ‘Pause + Reset’.

The track follows up her recent singles ‘You Like The Chase’ and ‘Rose’, and sees Carmel deal with the fallout of a relationship. It starts with a lone acoustic guitar before French-Singaporean producer Duumu helps bring soulful R&B production to the fore.

I know I seem much better / And I know you know it too / I’ve been real good at pretending / I’m my best when I’m not around you,” Carmel sings on ‘Pause + Reset’.


Listen to the new single below.

“I had been trying to write a song about acceptance for the longest time, but I just couldn’t,” Carmel admitted in a press statement.

“So I flipped the concept on its head and wrote about not being able to do that instead. After that, ‘Pause + Reset’ happened so quickly; I think that from the moment I let myself feel the frustration, it took away from the writer’s block that I had.”

Carmel’s upcoming debut album is titled ‘to you, to me’, and will include ‘Pause + Reset’ along with her two prior solo singles. According to a press release, it’s set to be released “in the upcoming weeks”.


In recent months, Carmel has kept busy with collaborations. She appeared on the evanturetime single ‘if it’s with you’ with Tim De Cotta, along with two Akeem Jahat and Soul Dot studio link-ups: ‘Heartbreak Boulevard’ and ‘What Are We?’.