Mastodon release new single ‘Sickle and Peace’ ahead of double album

‘Hushed and Grim’ is out at the end of the month

Mastodon have released a new single, ‘Sickle and Peace’, which arrives ahead of their forthcoming double album ‘Hushed and Grim’.

The album, due October 29 via Reprise Records, is the band’s longest release yet at 86 minutes. ‘Sickle and Peace’ follows previous album cuts ‘Pushing the Tides’ and ‘Teardrinker’, both also issued with music videos.

‘Sickle and Peace’ brings back the prog-metal flash and grandeur of Mastodon’s earlier material, drummer Brann Dailor commanding the track with manic drum fills as the band navigate odd-time signatures and spacey guitar breaks.


Listen to ‘Sickle and Peace’ below.

‘Sickle and Peace’ will feature 15 new songs from the band, including the three singles released thus far.

In a recent interview, Dailor explained why the band have decided to release a double album for the first time in their 20-odd year career.

“I felt that they all sort of made sense and worked together as one big piece, and I couldn’t imagine getting rid of any of them,” he told Loudwire.

“For some bands, I think it makes sense to put out a double album, and I think that we’re one of those bands. I think that our fanbase almost expected, at some point, that we would do that.”


Mastodon will perform at next year’s Download Festival in the UK alongside headliners KISS, Iron Maiden and Biffy Clyro.