Matter Mos features on 16-year-old rapper’s new single ‘Feelings’, praises his “raw talent”

"The kid got raw talent, curious to see where you’ll be years from now, rev," Matter Mos wrote.

16-year-old rapper Lil Rev$ has released his first single of 2022, ‘Feelings’, featuring Indonesian rapper Matter Mos.

The single was released on streaming platforms on September 8, and sees the young artist opening the acoustic guitar-led track before Matter Mos enters with “People be so phony that’s just how it is / They push you from the back then they hide their hands / Life can be unfair but to be fair it took a while to comprehend a lot of people you call friends is the antagonist / Turned out to be savages.”

Mos also shared that Lil Rev$ had messaged him on Instagram earlier this year in March in hopes of securing a collaboration. “This is why I do this music thing,” Mos wrote. “Had to tap in to a place I haven’t visited in a while. The kid got raw talent, curious to see where you’ll be years from now, rev.”


Listen to Lil Rev$’s new single ‘Feelings’ featuring Matter Mos below.

Lil Rev$ made his debut in 2020 with the single ‘Sadness and Sorrows’. He then followed up the release with five singles in 2021, ‘Stay The Night’, ‘Famous AF’, ‘Great Day!’, ‘Just Maybe’ and ‘Change My Mind’. ‘Feelings’ is the first time Lil Rev$ has collaborated with another rapper.

Matter Mos’ jazz-meets-hip-hop side project Gold Plate Pipers recently released their self-titled debut EP on June 24, a four-track project that marries Matter Mos’ rhymes with smooth jazz.

Gold Plate Piper’s release follows the June 15 re-release of Matter Mos’ most recent album, ‘Pronoia’ as ‘Pronoia 2.0’ on digital streaming platforms after an exclusive release on retailer The Store Front in October last year. Speaking to NME last year, Matter Mos compared the process of making the record to a “think tank ‘company’ that focuses on collective painting.”


“You have no clue what these paintings will be like, but you have [some idea]. So you experiment along the way; it’s like a bizarre mixture of Warhol and Pollock,” he explained. “It is very experimental and painstakingly hard to do, but it was fun. What’s life without a little bit of suffering?”