McDonald’s BTS meal launch postponed in Singapore

The meal will now launch on June 21 due to the country’s heightened pandemic restrictions

McDonald’s has postponed the Singapore launch of its highly anticipated BTS meal.

The news was shared via McDonald’s Singapore’s social media pages yesterday (Monday, May 24). Per the announcement, the BTS meal will now launch on June 21 instead of this Thursday, May 27.

The delay is attributed to Singapore’s recently tightened pandemic restrictions, following the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in the country.


“In view of Phase 2 (‘Heightened Alert’), we will be shifting the launch of The BTS Meal to 21 June 2021. Please stay safe and we hope to see you then (with all safe management measures in place of course)!” said McDonald’s Singapore.

Yes, there will be a slight detour. In view of Phase 2 (‘Heightened Alert’), we will be shifting the launch of The BTS…

Posted by McDonald's on Sunday, May 23, 2021


The BTS Meal will comprise a nine-piece Chicken McNuggets serving, an order of large fries, a large drink and a side of sweet chilli and Cajun sauces that have been inspired by South Korea’s McDonald’s.

The delay of Singapore’s BTS Meal launch does not appear to have affected its launch in neighbouring countries elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Malaysia will get the meal tomorrow (May 26), while fans in the Philippines will get the meal June 18. Indonesia will still remain the last country in the world to receive the limited meal on June 25.

In other BTS news, the group have announced a special livestream event set to celebrate their eighth anniversary as a group. The two-day event is scheduled to take place on June 13 and 14. The latter date will be a “world tour version” of the opening night’s festivities, and is set to include a number of the band’s foreign songs.


BTS also released their latest single, ‘Butter’, last week. The track has broken a slew of records since its release, with over 11million global Spotify plays on launch day, as well as an estimated 112.8million views for the song’s music video in 24 hours.